Brittan Dunham, Internship at NYU Libraries, Bobst Preservation Department, Fall 2010

The Media Preservation Unit of the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation and Conservation Department at Bobst Library works to preserve the library’s A/V materials, particularly those from Fales and the Tamiment/Wagner Archive. I worked in the Media Lab for ten weeks throughout the Fall 2010 semester. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work with film and video elements, use a wide range of the lab’s equipment and learn from Preservation Specialists Alice Moscoso and Ben Moskowitz. I worked on several 16mm film collections that needed to be inspected, rehoused, releadered and entered into the library-wide Moving Image Database. These collections often included various elements such as positive prints, internegatives, camera originals, work prints and magnetic soundtracks. In the video lab I inspected tapes to learn more about their content, and transferred U-matic tapes to DVD and Digibeta. Interning at Bobst gave me the chance to familiarize myself with different media, equipment and terminology in an environment that is understanding of a MIAP student’s needs.


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