Ashley Swinnerton, Internship at Barnard College, Spring 2010

During the course of her internship at the Barnard College Archives, Ashley Swinnerton worked under the supervision of the College's Image Archivist, Astrid Cravens.

Using FileMaker Pro, the intern created a complete and searchable database outlining the College's audiovisual holdings (primarily VHS and 16mm film). The intern also performed an assessment of the film collection, inspecting the holdings and eventually rehousing 14 of the reels to bring all items up to archival standards. Similarly, she provided suggestions for proper care and handling of the audio collection. Additionally, the intern selected and digitized content to be included in an article written for the Archives website and blog, intended to increase interest in the Archives' AV collection. She also conducted research utilizing the resources of the Archives and supported the Image Archivist in everyday functions, including processing still photo requests and assisting visiting scholars and researchers.

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