Cinema Studies
For Students:

Requirements for Recipients of NEH-funded MIAP Sponsored Internship Awards

Recipients of an NEH–funded internship are required to complete the following assignments and submit them to Alicia Kubes by the end of the semester. Failure to submit these assignments will violate the terms of the NEH–funded stipend and may jeopardize the student's financial aid for the academic year. Recipients of the NEH–funded stipend during the summer will also have to fulfill these requirements.

Required Assignments

  • 1–2 paragraph summary for the MIAP website:
    This summary should be a brief and factual description of the student's internship experience—a description of the collection, the assigned internship tasks, and student accomplishments.
  • Final MIAP Internship Workshop Assignment:
    Students should also forward a copy of the final assignment in the class entitled MIAP INTERNSHIP WORKSHOP. This summary will not be posted online or shared with others, but it may be excerpted or summarized for future grant proposals.
  • Photos:
    Students are also required to submit at least two digital photos with descriptive labels.
    The photos should be of the student engaged in preservation or archival activities at their internship site.

    Internship Resources