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For Students:

Requirements for Recipients of IMLS-funded MIAP Sponsored Internship Awards

In 2008, the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program (MIAP) received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) as part of the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. The three–year grant funds internships and post–graduate fellowships for MIAP students in libraries, as well as a research initiative titled MISL (Moving Image Specialists in Libraries) which seeks to engage library professionals in discussions about the state of moving image collections and the training/education of moving image specialists, as well as to document and analyze data on these topics. More information on this research initiative can be found on the MISL website.

Students who have received a MIAP sponsored internship award as part of their financial aid package and who have specifically been assigned to an IMLS–sponsored internship site will have to complete the following assignments and submit them to Alicia Kubes ( by the end of the semester. Failure to submit these assignments will violate the terms of the IMLS–funded stipend and may jeopardize the student's financial aid for the academic year. Recipients of the IMLS–funded stipend during the summer (for a summer internship) will also have to complete these assignments.

Required Assignments

  • Informal Interview with the Student's Internship Supervisor:
    As part of MIAP's IMLS–funded MISL project, MIAP is gathering data about library collections and library professionals who work with moving images. Interns who are placed in IMLS–funded internships are required to conduct an informal interview with their supervisor, using the questions listed below. The results from these interviews will not be posted online, or shared with anyone except for the faculty and staff who manage the MISL project. MIAP will not quote from these interviews without permission of the interviewee.

    Questions for Informal Interview

    • What is your job title?
    • What department within the library do you work in?
    • Do you work exclusively with moving image, or with mixed collections? If mixed collections, what percentage of your time would you estimate you spend working with moving images?
    • What training prepared you to work with moving image collections
    • What type of moving image media can be found in your library (i.e. video, film, digital)? Which formats?
    • What is your estimate of the quantity of moving image media (in hours, feet, items, etc.)?
    • What are your primary job duties and responsibilities?
    • What are your additional job duties and responsibilities?
    • Describe a typical day or week at your job.
    • What additional roles do you play within the library?
    • What are the lines of authority within your library and where do you fall in the organizational structure?
    • What, in your opinion, leads to the creation of moving image specialist positions in libraries?
    • What are the obstacles to the creation of such positions?
    • What needs to be changed about the status of moving image specialists in libraries, and what is working well?

  • 1–2 Paragraph Summary for MIAP Website:
    This summary should be a succinct and factual description of the student's internship experience–what s/he did, titles/positions of people the student worked with.

  • Final MIAP Internship Workshop Assignment:
    Students should also submit the final assignment in MIAP INTERNSHIP WORKSHOP (final summary). This summary will NOT be posted online, but it may be summarized or excerpted for reporting purposes (such as for interim and final progress reports to IMLS).

  • Photos:
    Students are required to submit at least two digital photos, with descriptive labels. At least one of the photos should show the student engaged in a preservation/archiving activity at their internship site. Please email photos to Alicia Kubes:
  • MISL Online Discussion:
    Students are required to participate in an online discussion as part of the IMLS-funded research project MISL (Moving Image Specialists in Libraries). Students can post observations about their internship sites (procedures, processes, the culture of the organization, challenges) and they should comment on other students' posts. Students should keep in mind that the online discussion is public. The online discussion can be accessed here.
    Students will need to initially log in through NYU blogs in order to access the MISL online discussion.

    Internship Resources