Cinema Studies
For Students:

Requirements for Recipients of AMPAS-funded MIAP Sponsored Internship Awards

Since 2008, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) has provided MIAP with two stipends each year to fund internships at Anthology Film Archives, in New York City. The internship takes place in AnthologyÕs preservation department where students perform a variety of tasks related to conserving, preserving, and making accessible AnthologyÕs extensive film collection.

Recipients of AMPAS funding are required to complete the following assignments and submit them to Alicia Kubes by the end of the semester. Failure to submit these assignments will violate the terms of the AMPAS-funded stipend and may jeopardize the studentÕs financial aid for the academic year.

Required Assignments

  • 1-2 paragraph summary for MIAPÕs website
    This summary should be a brief and factual description of the studentÕs internship experienceÑa description of the collection, assigned internship tasks, and any student accomplishments.
  • Student Report for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
    At the end of the internship, recipients of the AMPAS funding are required to submit a three-page report summarizing his or her experience. This report will be submitted directly to the Academy along with MIAPÕs interim/final grant report. It may also be repurposed or excerpted for the MIAP newsletter or website.
    The report should address the following:
    • Specific tasks completed at Anthology and the titles of films, including the names of the filmmakers that the student worked on.
    • Examples of lessons and new skills learned at the internship
    • Comments on the value and usefulness of the internship in the context of the MIAP educational experience.
  • Photos:
    Students are required to submit at least two digital photos, with descriptive labels. At least one of the photos should show the student engaged in a preservation/archiving activity at Anthology.

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