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In 2008–2010, MIAP has limited funding for students in the form of internship stipends from sources such as the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Funded internships during the academic year must take place in New York City. Summer internships must take place outside of New York City, but within the United States. In both cases, students must select a new internship site each semester. No internship sites may be repeated. Students who are recipients of these stipends may have to complete and submit additional assignments.

These requirements are described in detail below under Additional Requirements for recipients of MIAP sponsored internship awards.

All students will be required to provide a short, factual summary of their internship to post online, and they are required to submit at least two photos of themselves engaged in preservation/archival activities.

Internship Requirements and Guidelines

  • Students must register for the 4–credit course MIAP INTERNSHIP WORKSHOP while they are engaged in internships during the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • The time commitment for spring and fall internships is 15 hours a week over a 14 week period. If any internship hours are missed during this 14–week period due to MIAP class trips or for another reason, the supervisor and student are expected to negotiate if and how those hours will be made up.

  • Guidelines for Ethics and Professional Practices: Please take a moment to review these guidelines. Students are expected to continually uphold these ethical and professional standards.

  • Photos: All MIAP interns are required to email at least two digital photos of themselves at their internship site, with descriptive labels, to

  • Additional Requirements for Recipients of the MIAP Sponsored Internship Awards:

    During the internship selection process for fall and spring semesters, students who have received a MIAP Sponsored Internship Award will choose from a list of designated internship opportunities. After MIAP has assigned the student to a particular internship, the student will be responsible for setting up the internship schedule and making other internship arrangements with his/her supervisor.

    In addition to participation in the MIAP course MIAP INTERNSHIP WORKSHOP, recipients of MIAP Sponsored Internship Awards are required to complete additional assignments, which will vary according to the internship's funding source.

    The particular funding source associated with each internship opportunity will be indicated by the following abbreviations (including additional requirements):

  • Summer Internship:

    For procedures and requirements specific to the summer internship please see Summer Internship Page
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