Handling Complex Media--Changes to Syllabus

Bullet Points about MoMA project  Perpetual ZOOZ (Madonna and Child)--Feb 22, 2011


-is it static- does it always appear exactly as we have seen it

-compiled on the fly with different inputs at different times or is it always the same


-if it is static, could it be frozen or committed to video tape- could it be frozen as opposed to always being computed


-is it actually a video file or based on modeling software


-Howard would assume 2 pieces: a set of video and a computational engine

video type- could be analog or digital

computational element- does something to video


-is video content preselected and frozen, or did we see the whole thing?  How was video edited and truncated?  Is the video preselected and frozen or does it jump around?  Did we see this linearly, selected scenes and segments? Were some scenes edited before?


-questions about construction of video important to rendering it later


-artist interpretation and selection of scenes- re-ordering of scenes, preconceptions of film affect creation/presentation
Ashley: beginning and end-both sepia, every scene played once, artist had a lot of input; is this fair use?
Intellectual property: under what conditions can MoMA show it
-IP issues, and how this impacts terms under which MoMA would should it or could show it


-how is it displayed, how projected and onto what


-he authorized a version of it on Vimeo, and sold a major version to MoMA


-what are display requirements for MoMA?  Can MoMA make an online version of it?  Can people take pictures of the screen


-within MoMA- questions about viewing conditions



-must have a credit at some point, since Judy Garland as Dorothy is a licensed image; copyright and publicity right issues


-does Turner even know that this exists?


-need to group questioning lines in different ways


-some questions will lead to fundamental questions like “Is the relationship between beats of heart and what is shown on the screen in what order on two sides of images, are two sides of image a fixed match to each other; is computation done on them precise and fixed; are heart beats matched in a fixed way?”  Are these relationships frozen or change with each time it plays?


Research and Groups:


1 group- look at his other works Michael Joaquin Grey look and report back on other works

Sam, Sam, Jude


2 group- look intensively at all critical reviews of this piece; if not more than 3 or 4 of these for this work, look at critical reviews of other works of his; news pieces and art historian points of views, online interactive community reviews, etc

Ashley, Brittan, June


3 group- research computationally derived works, work where start with something and the computer is then doing something the object; here computer was turning object, adding peaks an valleys, etc; research any works that are in some way similar to this and then to look at what critics have said about these other works and see if other conservators have looked at these other works, what they say, and if there is documentation as to how computations are done and how works themselves were derived

Candace, Erik, Rhiannon


If you run into something important to another group for your group’s searches, please forward to that group.



Work to do and Dates:

- Shoot for preliminary report just telling where you are one week from now (March 1)

- Pretty good idea of material for two weeks from now (March 8)

- artist interview (March 22, at MoMA starting ~3:00pm; meet at 665 first and go there together) Probably need to stay late that day- actually meeting from 3-4 with conservator and curator; artist going to come in at 4; best if everyone can stay till at least 5

-game analysis will be due some time in April- no specific date yet, at least 2 weeks after thesis presentations

-readings for next week (March 1) that have to do with emulation issues are pushed back till later in April; do all readings related to speakers: Witness, Democracy Now, and WNYC

-have to do readings for March 8; maybe have half do some and half do others for Jerry/Megan lectures- be ready to talk about the Illinois/Texas projects at the beginning of class

Texas: Ashley, Brittan, Rhiannon, Candace, June

IL: Sam L, Erik, Sam 0, Jude

Everyone read Matt and Henry’s articles

Everyone pick a random 2 of the "familiarize yourself with"/"browse websites"


Going to have to name one single interlocutor to speak for the group- others can pass notes to the interviewer, but can’t all be speaking/asking questions


All need to know more about artist interviews, and issues around these


Everyone needs to do this before interview:


-look at Variable Media Initiative questionnaire for March 1  http://variablemediaquestionnaire.net/


Some people report back on these:

-summarize Miwa’s thesis for group for March 8 (Candice- document from Zack)

-summarize Pip Laurenson’s thesis from BB site for March 8 (Ashley)

-at some point, someone will be tasked with compiling and ordering questions (over break)

Summary of due dates:

March 1

March 8