The Pacifica Radio Archives, the repository for programs broadcast by the Pacifica Radio Stations (KPFA, Berkeley CA; KPFK, Los Angeles; WBAI, NYC; WPFW, DC; KPFT, Houston TX) seeks help in identifying, accessing, and curating programs in its collection of 45,000 historic master audio recordings (1949-2000) which document and express GLBT activism, culture and contributions to politics, arts and society.


Our collection features the first broadcast of a self-identified Gay radio program, "The Homosexual in our Society-1958" and includes regularly broadcast series on GLBT liberation politics and culture; as well as interviews, discussions, lectures, art works and readings by GLBT activists, artists, cultural and political workers, scholars and intellectuals. Our holdings include recordings of major historic events, from the Stonewall Rebellion to the 1979 march on Washington for Gay and Lesbian rights and the assassination of S.F. politician Harvey Milk to the first national broadcast of a legal gay wedding in June, 2008. 


The GLBT Project Researcher will utilize the Pacifica Radio Archives (PRA) online Public Access Catalog to conduct survey and identify relevant material from the collection.

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The GLBT Project Researcher will work, by phone and email (as required) with PRA Director Brian DeShazor, and PRA Preservation & Access Project Coordinator Adi Gevins.  Pacifica Radio Archives is located in North Hollywood, California.  The PRA Public Access Catalog is freely available to you on the internet.


Please contact:

Brian DeShazor, Director, Pacifica Radio Archives

 (800) 735 0230 X 263

pacarchive [at]