MIAP at 10 celebrating a decade of training moving image preservation specialists


MIAP students and alumni are changing the face of moving image preservation at local, national and international levels. Students engage with archives, creators and collectors through internships; by conducting collection assessments; through theses and research projects; through leadership in professional associations; and through their work in post-graduate fellowships and professional positions. In addition, MIAP faculty carry out innovative research projects and initiatives and host frequent Orphan Film symposia with substantial student and alumni participation. Below are a few examples of the impact on moving image preservation and and access by the ever-growing MIAP community.


Mapping Impact

Internships worldwide

Internship map – Students are required to take two semester and one summer internships, gaining valuable experience and having a profound impact on collections across the US and in a growing number of global sites. Read student descriptions of accomplishments and their reflections on MIAP internships here and within the research project 'Moving Image Specialists in Libraries' (MISL).

projects in the New York region

NYC projects map – Class projects also give students real world experiences with a variety of collections, both in established institutions and in 'ad hoc' archives and with the collections of individual producers and artists. In Collection Management, students survey collections to identify at-risk and content-rich items as a first step to preservation planning and prioritization, completing an inventory and a report with recommendations. The map locates the sites of these collections assessments and other class projects undertaken during the MIAP two year course of study that contribute the the health of collections and to renewed access to audiovisual materials for scholarship, education and public use.

Not all of the sites of assessments can be identified on the map. They include the collections of artists and cultural workers such as Laurie Anderson, Cory Arcangel, Bradley Eros, Colleen Fitzgibbon, Barbara Hammer, Barbara Kopple, Joan Logue, Melinda Camber Porter, Deborah Shaffer, Sonic Youth, Bob Stein, Elaine Summers, and Fred Barney Taylor, and groups such as the ACT-UP Oral History Project, Equality Now, Global Revolution TV, the Latin American Video Archiv, and On Television.

Research & Service

A sampling of recent projects

APEX Colombia - A MIAP team led by Juana Suarez (MIAP '13) collaborated with colleagues from the Fundación Patrimono Filmico Colombiano and other Bógota archives and creators through MIAP's international initiative Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX)...visit site »

hurricane sandy recovery - MIAP alumnus and colleagues at Audiovisual Preservation Solutions led recovery teams to save the media collections of the NYC arts organization Eyebeam. With funding from the Institute for Library and Museum Services, MIAP and the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) followed up with a workshop on disaster preparedness...watch video »

SAVING independent video - Walter Forsburg (MIAP '09) designed and supervised two public video preservation stations for the exhibition XFR STN at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, educating museum-goers about the need to save moving image works. Video preservationists, including Kristin McDonough and Rebecca Frainow (both MIAP '13), transferred obsolete tapes for upload to XFR STN's site on the Internet Archive, and sought to dymystify the video preservation process...visit site »

onLINE forum on AV Preservation - MIAP grads Lauren Sorenson (MIAP '07), Steven Villereal (MIAP '09) and Kara Van Malssen(MIAP '06) organized 'CURATEcamp AVpres 2013', focused on new tools and techniques for managing digitized and born digital materials. The event was attended by 25,000 people worldwide, was archived on the wiki, and is setting the stage for a Hack Day among archivists and engineers scheduled for the annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) in collaboration with the Digital Library Federation...visit site »

community-based Archiving - MIAP students and grads are a major force in community archiving, stepping up to support groups who are organizing for community change. In 2009-10 MIAP students tackled early community television collections in Rochester and Philadephia, and since 2011 have been a core presence in Activist Archivists (ActArc), organized initially to save evidence of the Occupy movement. They work hands-on with collections, develop resources, and blog »

Sharing research - Andy Uhrich (MIAP '10) with colleagues from Catholic University and Marquette University brought into focus issues of at-risk non-fiction moving images through the symposium 'Placing Orphan Films', part of 'Orphans Midwest 2013' at Indiana University...visit site »

investigating the preservation of video games - The first NYU-AMIA Student Chapter event organized during MIAP10 was 'Pressing Restart: Community Discussions on Video Game Preservation' that was organized in collaboration with the NYU Game Center and featured international experts...visit site »