Archeology in Film and Tape: Assessing Jem Cohen's Production Archive

Lauren Sorensen

The subject of this thesis is a collection assessment of the personal archive of Jem Cohen. Working now for over 23 years, Cohen is a New York-based independent film- and video-maker, known for his dedication to creating work with, and shooting in, small-gauge film, a medium often described as 'obsolete' or 'archaic'. He is most prolific in the Super 8mm format, with just over 67,000 feet currently living in his archive. He is also unique in his working method, creating films often over a number of years.

Because magnetic media are known to have a life-span of under ten years, and Cohen is increasingly working in video formats, there is an urgent need for a conservation plan for 'in-process' materials, as well as for video original and film original materials.

Wednesday, April 4th, 1:00 PM
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