Cinema Studies
For Students:

Shira Peltzman, Internship at the Film-Makers' Cooperative, Funded by the Hollywood Foreign Press, Spring 2012

My principal task at the Film-Makers' Cooperative will be to inspect, clean, and repair the FMC's non-circulating collection of rare 8mm and Super 8 films. This is a very exciting collection to work with because it represents some of the rarest material at the FMC, in addition to being the FMC's most at risk collection. The collection consists of approximately 260 films, some of which are camera reversal originals. After carefully inspecting every film in the collection I will be assigning each with a unique identification number, and ultimately. Ultimately I will perform a collection assessment of this material, and will offer both my short and long-term recommendation for its storage, handling, and access.


Another aspect of my internship is to research and write grants on behalf of the FMC. In addition to preparing a National Film Preservation Foundation grant for Shades and Drumbeats (1964), a 16mm experimental film, I also submitted a grant proposal to the Warhol Foundation for a monthly screening and panel discussion series at FMC that will serve to highlight some of the seldom-seen gems in our collection.