Cinema Studies
For Students:

Spring 2011, Rufus De Rham, Internship at American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee

I worked for the American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, a non-profit organization providing humanitarian support around the world. They have a video collection that covers both organizational history and their work around the world. Over the course of the semester I worked with the archives department to get physical and intellectual control over their collection. When I began the internship JDC believed that they had about 600 items in their video collection. As of now, there are still uningested boxes of tapes that arrived towards the end of my internship, there are 1,400 items in their collection.

Over the course of my internship I preformed an item level collection assessment. I worked with the various inventories they had and created a master inventory. From there I went item-by-item, changing incorrect information and adding fields as appropriate. I noted preservation and condition concerns, as well as any copyright concerns that I had. I also correctly identified formats and helped the archive staff in this as well, so they could ingest new material after I was gone. In terms of deliverables at the end of my internship JDC received a full assessment report as well as a master inventory, with an information key.