Cinema Studies
For Students:

Spring 2011, Rufus De Rham, Internship at Bronxnet

As part of MIAP's Collection Management class I preformed a series level collection assessment of BronxNet. BronxNet is a non-profit cable access production company in the Bronx and provides content by the people of the Bronx for the people of the Bronx. They are now a digital based studio, but they have a legacy tape collection that they wish to digitize to provide online access to the public.

I spent five days assessing both their digital infrastructure and workflow, as well as doing a series level assessment of their media both digital and physical. I worked directly with the administration of BronxNet during this period in order to help them get a handle on their large collection. It was a complex assessment, as they needed both a new digital infrastructure and digital asset management system. I also provided them with a suggested work plan and budget for their legacy tapes. These were delivered along with a collection assessment report.