Cinema Studies
For Students:

Pawarisa Nipawattanapong, Internship at Fox Movietone, Spring 2012

As an intern at the Fox Movietone News, I had a great opportunity to learn many things. My primary duties consisted of: 1) searching for information in the online database as well as the microfilm and paper archives, 2) editing digital clips within the Fox News and Fox Business Networks Ardome system to create temporary viewing files, which will then be delivered to independent production companies, 3) ingesting materials from the tape archive, and 4) transferring materials from analog to digital format. This hands-on experience was useful for my studies and my work in the future.

Nipawattanapong_FoxMovieton_Spr12_2_small.jpg Nipawattanapong_FoxMovieton_Spr12_small.jpg