Cinema Studies
For Students:

Kathryn Gronsbell, Internship at Anthology Film Archives, AMPAS Funded, Spring 2012

I was fortunate enough to complete an internship at Anthology Film Archives as the institution engages in digital initiatives across its collections of film, video, and audio during the spring semester of 2012. My objective was to assist the Digital Archivist, Erik Piil, in developing digitization workflows for film, video, and audio preservation by creating test patterns for system calibration and implementing standards of operation. The 14-week internship at Anthology allowed for a deeper understanding of digital preservation and the value of avant-garde collections in archives and programming.


I was trained in the practical application of analog and digital preservation at Anthology. I honed my technological and theoretical research skills by being responsible for developing tests and executing them for measurable outcomes. Digital preservation concepts were introduced to me, from basic notions of responsible file naming conventions to the complexities of transcoding digital files. I gained many practice hours on the Pro Tools software package for use in an archival setting, in addition to getting acquainted with the functions of a rack of decks, patch bays, and monitors.