Cinema Studies
For Students:

Juana Suárez, Internship at New York Public Library - Library for the Performing Arts, IMLS funded, Spring 2012

During the spring 2012 semester I was an intern at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. I worked closely with Tom Christie and Natiba Guy. Under their supervision, I was involved in projects related to the library Service Films, the Jerry Ames collection and the Marylou Williams Collection. The tasks performed were standard. However, they were valuable to develop skills in basic film inspection and rehousing. These tasks applied primarily to the Service Films and to the Mary Lou Williams Collection. For the Jerry Ames, I worked mainly in sorting film by generations, completing the spreadsheet with information from the Millennium catalogue of the library, and in general, correcting metadata.


Working at the NYPL for the Performing Arts has been a very rewarding experience. The tasks were very uniform but they have provided me with significant expertise in film inspection. I also learned a lot about sound since Christie is an expert in the topic; he was also very generous in his teachings about archival practices. Overall, this internship was a meaningful experience.