Cinema Studies
For Students:

Julia Kim, Spring 2014, XFR STN, New Museum

I worked with Andrea Callard and recent MIAP interns Kristin MacDonough and Rebecca Fraimow to keep going with the XFR STN work done during summer 2013 at the New Museum through creating the "XR Collective." The XFR Collective internship involved many aspects of this transition, including planning meetings and drafting proposals for non-profit status and various grants and upcoming conferences. Once the initial groundwork was done, it also involved technical work involved with digitizing and preserving partner collections. At this point, we have been able to work with over 7 non-profits and artist groups in the area and to continue our collaborations with the Internet Archive. I plan on continuing with this work over the summer and into the fall when we assess the past six months and make any needed adjustments.