Cinema Studies
For Students:

Blake MacDowell, WNYC, Spring 2014, NEH

During my semester-long internship at the WNYC archive I handled many different audio formats. Under the tutelage of John Passmore, Marcos Sueiro Bal and Andy Lanset I gained a great deal of experience in the digitizing, handling and care of obsolete audio formats. With a large collection of CD-R's representing the master copies of WNYC radio broadcast shows, John led me through how to mass rip the audio from the CD-R, create mediainfo XML data from the WAV files created, and then turn that mediainfo data into PBCore data for ingesting into the WNYC catalog. All in all I did over 2,000 CD-Rs and become quite comfortable with the process. John also led me through the set up and digitizing of 1/4" tape and was always willing to talk about larger archival issues facing WNYC and the profession at large. Marcos was very giving with his extensive knowledge about audio engineering and the digitizing of vinyl LPs and lacquer discs. Andy is very wise. All in all an excellent internship!

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