Cinema Studies
For Students:

Rebecca Hernandez Gerber, Museo del Cine, Buenos Aires, Summer 2013

My internship this summer was spent at the Museo del Cine Pablo Duckrós Hicken in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During my time at the museum, I worked mainly with two collections: the Cinepa Collection and the Peña Rodriguez Collection. The first mainly consisted of original Argentinian animation from the 1940s and 1950s and had not been seen by the public for decades. The second contains a number of previously lost versions of films from several countries and has been a subject of keen interest by numerous scholars. Through my work, I was able to help the museum identify and catalogue these important collections. In addition, I helped prepare films for digital transfer by repairing aged and deteriorated film reels from a variety of collections and aided the museum in moving to a new archive. This internship aided me in sharpening my film skills and allowed me to work with critical collections in Latin American film history, and I am grateful to have had such an experience.

13Summer_2916_HernandezGerber_MuseodelCine1.jpeg 13Summer_2916_HernandezGerber_MuseodelCine2.jpeg