Cinema Studies
For Students:

Joseph Heinen, University of Colorado-Boulder, Summer 2013

Steina and Woody Vasulka are reknowned "pioneers" of video art, currently in the process of depositing their collection of video art, photographs, slides, schematics, diagrams, user manuals, and miscellaneous papers to the University of Colorado - Boulder archives under the umbrella of the Brakhage Center.

I performed a triage of the moving image material for digitization and assisted with transfers at GW Hannaway and Associates, created a relational inventory which connects artworks with schematics and equipment manuals to create a technical "curriculum" around their work, and will continue to assist the Vasulkas with grant applications to create 3D web simulations of past exhibitions and installations so as to archive these ephemeral experiences in a manner that retains the integrity of their artistic vision.

13Summer_JoeyHeinen_UColorado1.jpeg 13Summer_JoeyHeinen_UColorado2.jpeg