Cinema Studies
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Emily Nabasny, Major League Baseball, Summer 2013

For my summer internship I worked at Major League Baseball Productions in the Footage Licensing department, and the Official Library and Archive under the supervision of Nick Trotta. The MLB library houses a continually growing collection of hundreds of thousands of hours of film, video, and digital files that can be licensed through the footage licensing department for a wide variety of productions including: broadcasts, feature films, television series, and more. The main project for my internship was the cataloging, inspection, and repair of a recently acquired collection of over 200 16mm films of varying length. I spent most of my summer inspecting and repairing these films, as well as researching their content for better preservation prioritization and for MLB Productions's media library management system.

I also worked on the research, creation, development, and writing of the acquisitions procedures, and polices for the MLB library and archive. Over the course of this internship I was able to create a draft of these documents that will work to accommodate MLB’s needs and goals. Other tasks included working with library staff on the identification of films currently in the archive, as well as assisting in the research and locating of specific film footage from the archive for productions staff using a Steenbeck. My experience here has taught me a lot about the way an actively growing and utilized archive functions. Through my tasks here I was able to work with and learn from the many different departments within MLB Productions (footage licensing, productions, and programming) that all utilize the library everyday, as well as learn about the various practices and systems that keep this rapidly growing collection running smoothly and available for use.

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