Cinema Studies
For Students:

Laurie Duke, Standby Program, Spring 2013

In my current internship, which began in January and will continue through August 2013, I am assisting Bill Seery, Director of Preservation Services at The Standby Program. The Preservation Services arm of The Standby Program offers high quality media preservation at low cost for artists, independent producers, and non-profit organizations. It specializes in handling video materials that are considered to be at high risk of loss due to format obsolescence and subsequently maintains a working inventory of legacy video equipment. Working with video materials submitted by both individuals and archives, I have learned how to structure the signal path for digitizing a variety of formats, including 1-inch type C open reel, 1/2-inch EIAJ open reel, 3/4-inch U-matic, Video8, Hi8, and DVCam.

Participation in the digitization process has taught me to identify and correct problems and issues in audio and video signals that arise from tape or equipment age and/or malfunction, as distinguished from those that may have been inherent in the original creation process. Tasks such as organizing and sorting video tape stock and VTR equipment parts have given me a greater familiarity with a multitude of video and data cartridge formats. My experience has also provided insight into client/vendor relations and processes. I look forward to continuing to learn about magnetic media preservation processes and equipment during the remainder of my time at The Standby Program.