Cinema Studies
For Students:

Daniel Finn, Third World Newsreel, Spring 2013

As the first MIAP student to intern with Third World Newsreel, a lot of the preparatory work centered around finding a scope for the internship. Creating a new cataloging system and beginning an inventory were primary goals. These tasks were worked on in collaboration with Activist Archivists, a group featuring mostly MIAP students and alumni. Another project was improving the storage situation where most of the Newsreel collection is kept. This involved purchasing and building new shelving, also a project from Activist Archivists' involvement. Apart from the projects performed with Activist Archivists, I also worked on two grant proposals.

One was for an NFPF grant, and the other for an NEH Preservation Assistance Grant. I also went through 3 boxes of the Newsreel collection for item level information gathering as well as inspecting the condition of the elements themselves. This allowed for me to have hands- on experience with many types of 16mm film elements. I also did some preliminary research into expenses towards digitization of the collection, as well as revamping the Identification Numbering system for the database.