Cinema Studies
For Students:

Ben Turkus, New Museum, Spring 2013

From January 31st-May 31st of 2013, I worked alongside Tara Hart, Digital Archivist of the New Museum, to identify unique holdings within the audiovisual archives of the New Museum. Assisting the museum in caring for its audiovisual collection, I was given hands-on experience in the field of media preservation, and an opportunity to learn about digitization processes and a range of video formats. Perhaps of equal significance was my exposure to the dynamic history of the New Museum, an “institution devoted to presenting, studying, and interpreting contemporary art” (New Museum-History).

I provided a detailed account of the New Museum’s audiovisual holdings (including format, condition, and available descriptive information), identified holdings deemed unique within the context of the New Museum’s history, mission, and archival goals, and explored possible avenues in assisting the New Museum to protect and preserve its video holdings for future generations.