Cinema Studies
For Students:

Kristin MacDonough, Franklin Furnace, Fall 2012

This fall, I interned at Franklin Furnace under the direction of the Senior Archivist, Michael Katchen. My primary project during the internship was to update the inventory information in their Moving Images database in FileMaker Pro. To update the content information, I would go through the inventory by reviewing the information in the Events database and old movies database, comparing this to the artist’s physical file in the archive, and watching the VHS copy from the collection….

I would determine the relevant information and fill in any missing fields as well as assuring the correct entry in the MI database linked to the correct entry in the Events database. While there is still much work to be done in this area, I believe I made significant headway and helped establish some best practices in documenting the content from the VHS collection. One of the best aspects of this internship was the ease of communication and openness of the entire staff to share their knowledge and experience. Franklin Furnace has employed interns for several years now, and their understanding of what elements an intern should be familiar with is evident. They provide a well-rounded internship and a space where one feels free to ask questions or offer insights.