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What is a Ticket Central ‘Weekly Special?’

Each week Ticket Central offers a selection of tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows and other NYC events including the opera, ballet, sporting events, and much more! Ticket Central’s ‘Weekly Specials’ go on sale on a specific day for a specific performance date and time. On average, each week Ticket Central offers 5-10 Weekly Specials.

Where can I find a list of Ticket Central’s Weekly Specials?

Who may purchase tickets listed as Weekly Specials?

Anyone with a NYU netID and an activated NYUHome account can access Ticket Central’s Weekly Specials offerings. A valid NYUCard, NYUPoly ID card, or NYU Alumni ID is required for all Weekly Specials ticket purchases. Only NYUCardholders with full university privileges (dark purple ID color) may purchase tickets to theatre, performing arts, sports and other special events on the first day of sale. Click here for more NYUCard Information.

How do I purchase tickets I see listed on the Weekly Specials web page?

All ticket specials go on sale through NYU Home as listed on our Weekly Specials page on the date and time specified. For more information on how to purchase tickets online, please visit our Online Ordering FAQ. If tickets do not sell out by noon on the next business day, they will be made available for purchase at our box office at that time.

How do I sign up for an NYU Home account?

Please click here for more information.

How are the prices of Weekly Special tickets determined?

Ticket Central is always searching for the lowest prices on tickets available in large quantities so that we can resell them to the NYU community. Ticket Central neither subsidizes the cost of the tickets to provide a discount to customers, nor do we inflate the price of the tickets to make a profit. The price of Weekly Specials reflects the actual cost of the ticket, plus $2.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling that the venue charges us to obtain the tickets and to help defray the expense of the student cashiers and technology needed to sell these tickets to NYU students and staff. For more information on the price of a specific Weekly Special, please contact the Ticket Central manager at

Why is the price I paid for my ticket at Ticket Central different from the price printed on my tickets?

The price printed on your ticket does not necessarily reflect the price that Ticket Central paid for it. Furthermore, Ticket Central routinely adds $2.00 to the cost of each ticket to cover the shipping and handling charges we pay to the venue and to help defray the expense of the student cashiers and technology needed to sell these tickets to NYU students and staff.

How much of a discount am I getting when I buy Weekly Special tickets?

Many of our tickets reflect a significant discount from the original retail price. However, for popular shows that tend to sell out quickly, Ticket Central purchases and sell tickets at retail value as a service to the NYU community. Information on retail prices for shows/events tickets can be found at

How do Ticket Central’s prices for theatre and event tickets compare to other discounts?

See for yourself! Check out the following websites:,,, and Keep in mind that there are many other ways to obtain discount tickets – some of which may provide a deeper discount than Ticket Central--such as student rush and standing room only tickets. (Stop by the Ticket Central box office to pick up a flyer on how to obtain these discounts.) We encourage our customers to shop around to find the lowest prices possible! Ticket Central does not guarantee that our prices are the lowest available, but we do feel that our prices are fair considering that our service provides a convenient and quick turnaround.

Why is there a ticket limit on Weekly Specials?

Because there are usually only 40-100 weekly special tickets on sale daily, there is a ticket limit to ensure that all of the customers who wish to buy tickets have a fair chance of purchasing them.

Why does Ticket Central only stock a limited amount of tickets for each Weekly Special?

The amount of tickets that Ticket Central obtains from ticket vendors for each Weekly Special is based on many factors such as the popularity of the show within the NYU community, the number of discounted tickets the venue provides, and the price of the tickets.

When do Weekly Specials go on sale?

Weekly Specials go on sale online through NYU HOME on the date specified in our promotional materials. Our online ticket sales usually occur at 3pm on the day specified. Please check the listings for complete information.

How fast do Ticket Central’s Weekly Specials sell out?

The weekly specials tickets typically sell out on the first day of sale. However, the length of time tickets remain available at Ticket Central varies by the specific show. In the past, shows like WICKED and WEST SIDE STORY have sold out within 10-15 minutes. Less popular shows tend to be on sale throughout the on sale day and possibly the next couple days. We usually always have vouchers and movie passes in stock (availability is subject to change).

When can I purchase tickets at the box office?

Due to the popularity and convenience of online ticketing, Ticket Central's Weekly Specials are alway available for purchase first through NYU Home, before they become available at our box office. Any tickets that remain unsold at noon on the first business day after the start of online sales can be purchased at our box office.

If I log on to NYU Home to purchase Weekly Special purchase tickets, will I be guaranteed tickets?

No, unfortunately you will not be guaranteed tickets if you try to purchase them online. Because we only sell a specific amount of Weekly Special tickets through the internet, and because usually there are many people trying to buy tickets, our most popular Weekly Specials tend to sell out online very quickly - sometimes even within seconds. For information about our online ticket sales program, please view our Online Ticket Ordering FAQ.

If you don’t have the discount tickets that I am looking for, how I can I get information on other ticketing services?

Use our Discount Finder to find great deals all over NYC. Also, some helpful websites for information about discount tickets are:,, and

What if I want to bring a group to one of the events on the Weekly Specials list?

Because there is usually a 2-ticket limit per NYU ID on Weekly Specials, it is not possible to purchase group tickets from the Weekly Specials list. However, the process for ordering group tickets for movie passes or NYC events is easy! Plus, you’re not restricted to the specific shows or performance dates available as Weekly Specials. Ticket Central can help you purchase group tickets to almost any event in the New York area. We will also help you find the best prices!

Can I get a refund on my tickets if I find out later that I cannot attend the show?

No, Ticket Central does NOT process refunds and/or exchanges unless an event has been rescheduled or cancelled. Please check the specific information on your purchased tickets to make sure that they are in fact the correct tickets before you leave our box office. In the event that you were given wrong tickets, a refund/exchange will be issued at the discretion of Ticket Central management.

Why aren’t tickets to all Broadway, Off-Broadway, and other NYC events offered as Weekly Specials?

Ticket Central does not have the capacity to offer tickets to every show/event in NYC. We are NOT Ticketmaster! However, we do try and provide the best deals and lowest prices to many of the most popular shows/events in NYC. We often survey our customers’ interests to determine which shows and events we should purchase. Keep in mind that Ticket Central also sells a variety of other discounted tickets other than weekly specials--like vouchers to Broadway and Off Broadway shows as well as discount movie passes.