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What is a discount movie pass?

A discount movie pass is voucher that is purchased at a discounted price and then exchanged at a participating movie theater for movie tickets.

Which theater chains does Ticket Central sell discount movie passes to?

Ticket Central sells movie passes to the following theater chains: Regal/UA, AMC/Loews, Clearview Cinemas, and City Cinemas.

Can I use discount movie passes outside of New York City?

Yes, the discount movie passes are valid wherever there are branches of the above theatre chains nationwide.

Where can I find a list of all of the theatres that participate in discount programs?

For a listing of theaters that participate in the discount programs go to the following web sites:

For a list of Manhattan locations, check out the Ticket Central Movie Directory!

How do I redeem a discount movie pass?

The discounted movie passes can be redeemed at a participating movie theater's box office. Use your passes instead of cash to pay for your movie tickets.

Which movies are discount movie passes valid for?

Discount movie passes are generally valid for all movies except for special engagements. However, some passes have restrictions on movies that have been recently released, or that are showing on certain days of the week. The higher the price of the pass, the less restrictions there are on it. The Ticket Central Movie Pass Menu has lists all of the restrictions associated with each pass.

How many times may I use a single pass?

A single movie pass can only be used once--for one movie ticket.

How are the prices of discount movie passes determined?

Prices of movie passes sold at Ticket Central reflect the cost of the pass plus a 6% - 9% surcharge which reflects the shipping and handling costs of obtaining these tickets from theatre vendors, as well as to cover part of the expense of hiring cashiers to sell these tickets to NYU students and staff.

How much of a discount am I getting when I buy discount movie passes?

You will definitely save money if you purchase discounted movie passes! It costs $12.50 to see a movie in many theatres in Manhattan. The discount movie passes at Ticket Central range from $6.50-$8, plus an extra $1 - $1.50 with surcharges in some cases. You do the math!

What is the movie pass surcharge?

Some participating movie theater chains such as UA/Regal and Clearview require you to pay a $1-$2.50 surcharge at their box office when you redeem the passes at a Manhattan theatre. Please check the Ticket Central website or newsletter for more information.

Is there a ticket limit on the amount of discount movie passes I can purchase?

There is no ticket limit on the amount of discount movie passes that a customer can purchase. However, for orders of 20 or more, we suggest that you fill out and submit a movie pass group order form. We cannot guarantee immediate availability on orders of 50 or more passes--so please order early!

How can I pay for my discount movie passes at Ticket Central?

You may purchase discount movie passes with cash, credit cards and campus cash at the box office. Group orders of 20 or more may also be purchased with a departmental transfer.

What if I want to see a movie at a theatre that Ticket Central does not sell discount movie passes for?

If Ticket Central does not sell the discount movie pass for the movie theater you want to go to, then you can either pay full price at that theater or search to determine if/when the movie is playing at a theatre which accepts discount movie passes.

When do my discount movie passes expire?

Many of the movie passes sold at Ticket Central do not expire! These include passes for AMC/Loews, Regal/UA and Clearview Cinemas. Other discount movie passes usually expire within a year from the date of purchase. Please check your passes to determine the exact expiration date. Please use your movie passes within the time specified. Ticket Central cannot refund your money should your passes expire!