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What are ‘Steals & Deals?’

Steals & Deals is a listing of discounts to shows/events that you can access with your NYU ID. Please note that Ticket Central does NOT sell tickets for these shows/events, we only advertise the information listed on the Steals & Deals section as a service to the NYU community.

How do I take advantage of the Steals & Deals offerings I see on Ticket Central’s listserv and website?

You can take advantage of the steals and Deals by following the specific information you find listed on the Ticket Central listserv/website. Typically, the process includes calling the theater's box office to reserve tickets or going to the theater's box office 30 minutes to an hour prior to the performance to purchase tickets.

If a Steals & Deals offering lists a ‘student discount,’ do I need to be a student to take advantage of the offer?

Yes, you will need a valid student ID to take advantage of the 'student discount' offer.

Who can I contact at Ticket Central if I would like to include information about a discounted show or event on Ticket Central’s Steals & Deals section? What is the charge for this service?

If you would like to include information about a discounted show/event on the Ticket Central Steals & Deals section, please send an email with specific information including performance date and time, venue and box office location, discounted price information, and how one would go about obtaining/purchasing tickets, etc to: There is NO charge for this service--it is FREE!