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Where can I find a list of NYU campus events being ticketed by Ticket Central?

Information about NYU campus events being ticketing by Ticket Central can be found on the Ticket Central Calendar. This calendar can also be accessed on the News channel of your NYU Home account.

Why arenít all NYU events listed on Ticket Centralís Calendar?

Only those events being ticketed by Ticket Central are listed on the NYU Calendar. For a more comprehensive listing of NYU events check out

What is the process for an NYU club to have tickets sold at Ticket Central?

To request ticketing services, download the appropriate ticket services request form from the Ticket Central website or pick up a form from the Ticket Central box office. Either fax it in or drop off the completed form at the box office at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.

Can Ticket Central announce my clubís or departmentís campus event on its listserv? What is the charge for this service?

If you would like to include information about your clubís or departmentís events on the Ticket Central listserv, please send an email with the specific information, including event date and time, price, venue location etc, to: There is NO charge for this service--it is FREE!

How is the pricing of NYU campus event tickets determined?

The prices of tickets for NYU campus events are determined by the NYU organization sponsoring the event.

What is the ticket limit policy for NYU campus events?

There is a 2-ticket limit per NYU ID for events in the Kimmel Center. There are 2 kinds of tickets for NYU eventsóNYU ID and non-NYU ID tickets. All NYU guests MUST have a non-NYU ID ticket to enter the performance venue. If you need more than 2 tickets to a particular event, you may purchase them at Ticket Central on the evening of the event, subject to availability. For campus events not in the Kimmel Center, the ticket limit policy will be listed on our promotional materials.

If I donít have an NYU ID, can I purchase tickets to a campus event?

Yes. However, you do need to have an NYU ID to purchase tickets in advance. If you do not have an NYU Card, you may purchase tickets at the Ticket Central box office on the day of event, for most weeknight events. Please call our office at 212-998-4941 for the policy for a specific event.