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What is Ticket Central?

Ticket Central, NYUís clearinghouse for tickets to the movies, musical events, sporting events, Broadway, Off-Broadway shows and more! Ticket Central also provides ticket printing and advertising services for NYU events to service students and staff.

Where is Ticket Central located?

Ticket Central is located in the NYU Skirball Center Lobby, at 566 laGuardia Place. Our box office is on the side entrance of the NYU Kimmel Center.

What are Ticket Centralís hours of operation?

Ticket Central hours for Fall and Spring are as follows: Tuesday-Saturday noon-6pm. Ticket Central is closed for all university holidays and breaks.

What kinds of payment can I use?

Ticket Central accepts cash, credit cards and campus cash at the box office.

Is there a minimum amount for credit card purchases?

There is NO credit card minimum.

Does Ticket Central process refunds and/or exchanges?

No, Ticket Central does NOT process refunds and/or exchanges unless a show/event has been rescheduled or cancelled. Please check the specific information on your purchased tickets to make sure that they are in fact the correct tickets. In the event that you were given wrong tickets, a refund/exchange will be issued at the discretion of Ticket Central management.

Who can use Ticket Centralís services?

All matriculated, active NYU students, NYU faculty, administrators, visiting scholars, and staff may use Ticket Centralís services. Your valid NYUCard or Alumni ID is required for all transactions and services at NYU Ticket Central. IMPORTANT: Only NYUCardholders with full university privileges (dark purple ID color) may purchase tickets to theatre, performing arts, sports and other special events, or claim free tickets to shows or movies on the first day of sale or distribution.

Can any NYU student use Ticket Central services?

All students must be active with a valid dark purple NYU ID (and must have paid the NYU student activity fee) in order to use Ticket Centralís services.

How can I join the Ticket Central listserv?

You can stop by the Ticket Central box office to give us your email address or send a blank email to: (During the summer, send a blank email to

How can I find out about Ticket Centralís specials and offers?

How many tickets can I buy at one time?

A customer may buy an unlimited amount of movie passes and vouchers (some restrictions may apply depending on availability and time of year). There is usually a 2-ticket limit per NYU for our weekly specials and NYU club events. However, sometimes there is a 4-ticket limit per NYU ID depending ticket availability. Ticket limits are usually posted on the Ticket Central website, listserv, and newsletter.

Can I buy tickets online or over the phone?

Ticket Central's Weekly Specials (Theatre, Opera, Sports and other NYC events) are offered for sale online through NYUHome. You must have a valid NYUHome account to access online ticket sales.

Movie passes and vouchers are only available for purchase at our box office.

Sorry, we do not take phone or email orders.

Can I give my NYU ID to a friend or family member to purchase my tickets for me?

No. Your friend or family member may not purchase tickets for you with your NYU ID. You MUST be present with your own valid NYU ID to purchase tickets.

How can I buy tickets for a group?

Ticket Central can help you purchase group tickets to almost any event in the New York area. We will also help you find the best prices!

Which events can I buy group tickets to?

You can buy group tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, musical and dance performances/events, sporting events, museums...basically most events in NYC.

Does Ticket Central offer free tickets to shows and events in NYC?

YES! Ticket Central often gives out free movie passes and tickets to shows/events. The best way to keep informed of our free stuff is to join the Ticket Central Listserv!