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NYU Sydney is located in Australia's largest and most cosmopolitan city, providing students the unparalleled opportunity to live and study in a hub of commerce, culture, and communication in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our academic center is located in a recently renovated historic building in a central area of Sydney. The facility houses classrooms, a computer lab, library, and administrative offices. A common area doubles as a study lounge and space for social gatherings. 

Curriculum & Faculty


Students enrolled in courses at NYU Sydney will be able to explore Aboriginal art and culture as the longest continuous civilization on the planet. Courses will introduce Australia's rich history of immigrant communities that formed this continent-sized nation with unique and compelling characteristics. The curriculum offers classes in anthropology, English, environmental studies, history and society, journalism, psychology, and communications, among many other courses of study.

Leading professors will be drawn from Sydney and the local region. Faculty-led field trips, which take students beyond the areas visited by casual tourists, are an essential part of the program.  

Cultural Engagement

NYU Sydney faculty and staff are committed to creating an environment where active learning and exploration are the rule. Courses and projects rooted in the community, field-based research, internship opportunities, as well as chances to travel throughout the city, surrounding neighborhoods and region will give students a thorough experience of local domains, society and culture. 

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Partnerships & Affiliations

The following NYU departments are key contributors to the NYU Sydney curriculum. Partnerships indicate departments with a significant curricular stake. Affiliations indicate the offering or development of at least one course. 


Faculty of Arts & Science
    Environmental Studies


College of Global Public Health



Faculty of Arts & Science

Biology (Pre-Health)
Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMS)
Chemistry (Pre-Health)
College Core Curriculum
Creative Writing
Physics (Pre-Health)
Social and Cultural Analysis (Asian/Pacific/American Studies)

    Media, Culture and Communication
    Applied Psychology


Fast Facts

Academic Calendar: Fall/Spring/Academic Year

Credits: 12 - 18

Student Body: 50-150 students

Faculty and Staff: Over 25 instructors and 8 administrative staff

Housing: One residential complex

Meals: Students have access to kitchens within suites 

Language: English

Local Currency: Australian Dollar

Population: 4.2 million