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30% diversion of waste!
About our waste


Since 2009, NYU has had a Mixed Recycling system, accepting all plastics, glass, metals, and paper in one bin.

Working together, we have raised diversion rates to 30 percent, a level twice as high as the diversion rate of the rest of NYC!


In 2010, NYU took waste minimization to the next level by introducing several new composting initiatives.

Current projects include composting in both the front and back of dining halls, the Wagner and Law Schools, a student-run compost tumbler in Carlyle Court, and bins and composting services available for special events, with efforts continuing to improve every year.


New York University’s commitment to waste minimization may be traced back through several decades. New York City passed the first of its many recycling laws in 1989, and in 1990, Village Green Recycling Center coordinator Carl Hultberg first developed NYU’s Recycling Program. NYU’s recycling rates doubled several times throughout the decade and created a model for institutionalized recycling in New York City, as well as setting the course that helped many other sustainability ideas to flourish on campus. In fact, Recycling Services was the first administrative office at NYU to propose the launch of an institution-wide sustainability initiative.