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Recyclemania 2013

RecycleMania is an annual, nationwide recycling competition that runs throughout February and March. In 2011, RecycleMania united over 600 colleges from across North America to redirect 91 million pounds of recyclable and compostable materials away from landfills.

This year marks NYU’s return to the competition, so be sure to look for student reps around campus and check back to the website often to see how we're doing!

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NYU is one of many schools across the country that are participating in Recyclemania. Visit their website to view the results of the 2013 competition and benchmark divisions.

  • A 2008 Waste Characterization Report found that 28% of NYU’s landfill waste is recyclable and 60% is compostable, meaning almost 90% of our landfill waste can be avoided. In 2011, a follow-up Waste Characterization Study found as much as 93.5% of NYU’s waste can be diverted.
  • NYU’s 30% diversion-from-landfill rate is twice that of New York City at large.
  • Green Apple Move Out, which originally began as a Green Grant, collects housing students’ unused goods and repurposes them through local charities every May.
  • Since its formation in 2007, NYU’s Office of Sustainability has helped start “recycle, reduce and reuse” projects ranging from composting, to a re-use swapping web tool, to paperless offices.
  • From the Bike Share to a grassroots-led Task Force, there are many great ways to connect with Sustainability at NYU. Explore our world and get involved now!