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Take the Pledge!

NYU aims to reduce its energy use by 50% by 2017. We need your help to reach this goal. Take the pledge to improve YOUR environmental performance here on campus.

I pledge to...

  1. Turn off the lights when I leave the room and encourage my roommates and floormates to do the same.
  2. Recycle my plastics, paper, cardboard, metal and glass. NYU recycles all plastics in main campus buildings.
  3. Use a refillable water bottle and coffee mug. I will use the water bottle filling stations around campus, and save money by bringing a mug to local coffee shops.
  4. At least once a week, cut out meat. Consuming less or no meat will reduce my carbon footprint and conserve valuable resources like water and fossil fuels.
  5. Replace all my incandescent light bulbs with CFLs. I can get a free CFL bulb at the resource desk in my residence hall.
  6. Avoid the elevator and take the stairs. I will take the time to find the stairwells in residence halls and academic buildings.
  7. Choose used goods. I will buy less and reuse more.
  8. Plug all chargers and appliances into a central powerstrip. I will turn it off when I leave the room, and unplug unused chargers.
  9. Refrain from using unnecessary paper and plastic bags. I will bring a reusable bag instead.
  10. Talk to my friends about why I took this pledge and encourage them to do the same.
Ready to sign?
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I pledge to do my part to help NYU reduce energy use by 50% by 2017.

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