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New Student's Guide


The New Student's Guide to Sustainability at NYU

Welcome to NYU! Here, 93% of the student body reports feeling responsible for the future condition of the environment. If you're like them, this guide will provide you with the resources you need to fulfill that responsibility. Use the tabs at the top of this page to navigate, and please do use the comment boxes if you have anything to add, or any unanswered questions.


The New Student's Guide to Sustainability at NYU covers three different areas:

  1. LIVE: What can you do in your daily life reduce your environmental impact? Find out how to shrink your eco-footprint in your residence hall and beyond.
  2. LEARN: Even if earth science isn't your thing, there are environmental classes offered at NYU in a wide variety of subject areas, from journalism to economics.
  3. DO: Get involved - a lot of progress has been made on sustainability at NYU so far, but it will only continue and expand with your participation.


The New Student's Guide to Sustainability at NYU is made possible by a Green Grant from the NYU Sustainability Task Force, a program all students with ideas for making NYU a more sustainable university should take advantage of. It's a living document, and we welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions - they will greatly strengthen this version.