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Tools and Guides

We hope you'll take advantage of this toolkit of resources to "green" your life at home, at work, and on campus. We will be regularly adding new tools and guides as they become available. Know of or want a resource that you don't see here? Let us know.

  • NYU Climate Action Plan
    Details the University’s current greenhouse gas emissions inventory and highlights a range of tangible, effective projects and fiscally sound strategies to mitigate these emissions and pursue climate neutrality by 2040, while fostering sustainability efforts in teaching, learning, and research.
  • Recycling Cheat Sheet
    This flier includes some very helpful information about what can and can not be recycled at NYU.
  • NYU Environmental Purchasing Guide
  • Sustainability Advocate Program Handbook
    This Handbook was developed for Sustainability Advocates as a guide to "greening" NYU administrative areas and offices. It's a great (and evolving) resource for energy conservation, recycling, purchasing and other areas of concern on campus.
  • NYU Sustainability Task Force 2008 Annual Report and Recommendations
    This report highlights progress made in implementing last year’s recommendations, and it also contains a new set of 60 recommendations to further advance NYU along the path toward sustainability.
  • NYU Sustainability Task Force 2007 Annual Report and Recommendations
    The Task Force assembled this comprehensive review of sustainability practices and achievements, as well as a set of 30 specific, practical recommendations for greening the campus. The report also offers a great summary of the first year of NYU's sustainability initiative.
  • Hardy Native Plant Selection Advice from NYU Landscaping
  • Ecological Footprint Quiz prompts a short set of questions to calculate your footprint on the planet, using the Ecological Footprint method of evaluating environmental impacts. Consider that every human activity requires a quantity of land somewhere to support it. Ecological Footprinting is a technique that converts different types of impacts (the use of fossil fuels, the landfilling of waste, etc.) into a common denominator that is easily comparable and easily understood – acres of globally-available productive land.
  • Carbon Footprint calculator is a tool that offers an estimate of your annual personal greenhouse gas emissions based on the information you input about your lifestyle.
  • Clean Air-Cool Planet Campus Toolkit is a comprehensive guide and resource kit available to all universities, for developing plans to reduce campus contributions to global warming. Toolkit includes a greenhouse gas emissions inventory calculator and step-by-step reduction plan and implementation guide. NYU is carrying out a similar emissions inventory as part of the comprehensive Environmental Assessment.