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NYU Administrative Departments and Sustainability

Many NYU administrative divisions and departments are closely involved in implementing the Sustainability Initiative.

Full-time staff in Facilities and the Sustainability Task Force are working every day to green the campus, but just as importantly, administrators are contributing from diverse areas such as Student Affairs, Planning and Design, and Purchasing.

This work is not occurring only as part of the university's central administration, but it is also being led by NYU's individual schools and colleges. For a list of greening committees in schools and departments, see our Get Involved page for these groups.

There are substantive differences in and across all these administrative units, and in a place as large, diverse, and decentralized as NYU, change won't come everywhere at once. Sometimes eco-friendly policies and practices may exist in one school or department, and not in another.

Through efforts such as the Sustainability Task Force and Advocate Program, we are fostering connections between departments and schools; between students, faculty and staff; and ultimately, between the many individuals that make up the NYU community.

For information about environmental labs and academic programs, visit Academics & Research.