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Eco-Reps. Apply!
Become an environmental leader on campus.

Through the EcoReps program, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your residence hall through energy, food and waste projects all while teaching everyone how sexy sustainability can be!

EcoReps are green advocates in their residence halls, encouraging environmentally conscious behavior and enhancing environmental literacy amongst their peers via their various tasks, such as supporting sustainability campaigns, designing posters, finding recipes, and hosting a residence hall event of their own.

Over the course of the semester, the EcoReps will have biweekly meetings in which they’ll be assigned a chapter to read and then issued a project sheet corresponding with each chapter. The chapters will correlate to different monthly themes. Each EcoRep will be given two weeks, between meetings, to complete their project sheets.

Why join?
  • Gain leadership and peer education experience
  • Expand knowledge of sustainability and environmental topics
  • Develop connections with other sustainability and environmental leaders
  • Make a difference
  • Get free stuff: We provide all of our EcoReps with a t-shirt, reusable water bottle, reusable bag, glow-in-the-dark energy conservation stickers, a 24-hour CitiBike pass, and many other items!
  • Must be able to devote 3-5 hours per week (flexible schedule — able to work some evenings and weekends)
  • Interest in environment & sustainability
  • Creativity, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills (be available and approachable in residence halls)
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaborate with a group
  • Suggested cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
What an EcoRep does
  • Set up and maintain eco-bulletin boards or create eco-e-mails in residence halls
  • Conduct audits of the recycling bins in buildings
  • Swap incandescent bulbs for CFLs
  • Raise awareness about recycling
  • Find or create a delicious in season recipe
  • Set up tabling events in your residence hall
  • Attend biweekly meetings from February 10th - May 5th
  • Work jointly with other EcoReps and RAs to coordinate an event in their residence hall
  • Assist the Office of Sustainability in the development and implementation of awareness campaigns on campus
  • Keep records on events held (number of attendees) and projects completed (keep on top of your project sheets!)