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Advocate Resources

SAP Handbook

This Handbook was developed for Sustainability Advocates as a guide to "greening" NYU administrative areas and offices. It's a great (and evolving) resource for energy conservation, recycling, purchasing and other areas of concern on campus.
Winter 2012 - PDF

SAP Main Presentation

This presentation offers an overview of the Sustainability Advocate Program and Advocate responsibilites, as well as current NYU Sustainability initiatives.
Winter 2012 - PPT | PDF

SAP Action Toolkit

Here is a list of ways to green your office. Some of these changes can be made immediately, and some will require that you reach out to other appropriate channels.
Fall 2012 - PDF

More Resources

Sustainability Advocate Resources

Recycling at NYU Presentation: PDF | PPT
A presentation from the Wagner school with lots of useful information on recycling at NYU.

Recycling at NYU Flier: PDF
This flier includes information about what can and can not be recycled at NYU, as well as background and contact information about the NYU Recycling Department.

New Recycling Label Announcement: PDF
As of September 2012, we have developed new labels for all bins and are rolling them out over the fall 2012 semester.

Action Email Templates: DOC
In conjunction with the advocate action toolkit, here are some email templates to communicate sustainability actions to your colleagues.

Office Closing Energy Checklist: PDF
This one-page customizable sheet can help you or your colleagues ensure that you are conserving energy in NYU offices when you wrap up for the day.

SAP Recruitment Flier: PDF
Here is a poster you may wish to use to promote the Sustainability Advocate Program.

Purchasing Guide: HTML
The NYU Environmental Purchasing Guide is designed to facilitate environmentally-responsible procurement decisions by decision-makers in administrative and academic departments across the university.

Water Filter-Cooler Selection Guide: PDF
A guide to purchasing and installing a water filter-cooler for your office.

SAP Energy Presentation: PPT | PDF
These slides detail NYU's energy use and environmental impacts, and the steps staff can take towards significant efficiency and conservation improvements in offices.

Some Benefits of Recycled Paper and Toner: PDF
Scott Lewis of the Purchasing Department compiled this fact sheet that explains the benefits of recyced toner and paper.

TGI NYU Recycled Paper Letter: PDF
This letter from the president of TGI affirms that quality of 30% recycled paper.

SAP Tips on Effective Presentations: PPT
This powerpoint contains techniques to help you deliver a presentation more effectively and feel more confident while doing so.