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Whether you're a new student, a member of the faculty, or an administrative staff person, there are a wealth of ways to get involved in NYU Sustainability.

We're here to help you share your ideas, energy and expertise; to reduce your own adverse environmental impacts; to help you educate others about sustainability; and to give you a personal stake in solving the larger campuswide, nationwide and global challenges that we face.

Sustainability Advocate Program

The Sustainability Advocate Program harnesses the effort, energy, and enthusiasm of employees to “green” their own departments and work spaces, while educating others and increasing awareness throughout the university.

Advocates are volunteers who spend a few hours per month of paid work time, encouraging colleagues to make environmentally preferable choices and leading departmental efforts to conserve energy, purchase green office products, and improve recycling. » more

Student Clubs and Listservs

The many active student environmental clubs on campus offer a wealth of social and activism opportunities. There are also several listservs that function as e-groups for subscribed NYU members to share information and events.

Join the club or group that’s right for you!

Sustainability Listserv

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School and Department Greening

Several schools and departments have formed their own greening committees to examine and act on issues specific to their area. The Sustainability Office coordinates with these committees to share best practices among areas, and to assist them when necessary.
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The Green Alumni Network at NYU is a network of NYU alumni and like-minded members of the NYU community committed to sustainability issues and green initiatives.

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