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The Sustainability Task Force includes about 70 members, and is composed with the aim of representing as many university constituencies as possible while also focusing on participants with specific expertise or interest in environmental issues. It includes representatives from thirteen NYU Schools and dozens of student organizations, administrative areas, and university governance bodies. Members participate in one or more Working Groups which each have a specific set of charges within one or more areas of environmental impact.

The Task Force is co-chaired by Alison Leary (Senior Vice President for Operations) and Lynne Brown (Senior Vice President for University Relations & Public Affairs). Jeremy Friedman (Manager of Sustainability Initiatives) works closely with the Task Force, its membership and Working Groups to coordinate efforts and accomplish sustainability goals.

2010-2011 roster

David Alonso, Admin
Associate Vice President, Construction Mgmt and Strategic Svcs, Operations

Dianne Anderson, Admin
Manager of Sustainable Resources, Operations

Efrain Azmitia, Faculty
Professor of Biology, Faculty of Arts and Science
Faculty Senators Council

John Bartlik, Admin
School of Medicine

Suhaly Bautista, Student
Wagner School of Public Service '11
Wagner Environmental Policy and Action (WEPA)

Joe Beaglehole, Student
Graduate School of Arts and Science, Politics '11

Ed Bear, Student
Polytechnic Institute of NYU '11
Green Grantee

Colin Beavan, Faculty
Adjunct Practitioner, Environmental Studies
No Impact Man

Jennifer Berg, Faculty
Assistant Professor of Food Studies, Steinhardt
Director, Graduate Program in Food Studies, Steinhardt

Annie Bezbatchenko, Student
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development '11

Sarah Boll, Admin
Coordinator, Recycling Services, Operations

John Bradley, Admin
Assistant Vice President, Sustainability, Energy and Tech Svcs, Operations

Lynne Brown, Admin
Senior Vice President, University Relations and Public Affairs

Renee Burillo, Admin
Planning Analyst, Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design

Adrienne Cahill, Student
Stern School of Business, Wagner School of Public Service '12
President, Stern Campus Greening Initiative

Annette Cutugno, Admin
Assistant Director, Operations, School of Dentistry

Ben Davalos, Student
Gallatin School of Individualized Study '12

Zack Davidson, Student
College of Arts and Science '12
Environmental Studies Program

Lisa DiCaprio, Faculty
School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Carly DiGiovanni, Admin
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Regina Drew, Admin
Assistant Director of Special Projects, University Relations and Public Affairs

Ken Fauerbach, Admin
Chief Information Officer, NYU School of Dentistry
Administrative Management Council

Irina Feygina, Student
GSAS Psychology; Adjunct Professor, SCPS
Green Grantee

Jeremy Friedman, Admin
Manager of Sustainability Initiatives
Adjunct, Environmental Studies / Gallatin '06

Sara Friedman, Student
Wagner School of Public Service '11
President, WEPA

Mark Gordon, Admin
Senior Designer, Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design

Stephen Heller, Admin
Associate Vice President, Administrative Services

Sarah Henderson, Student
Environmental Studies '11
Earth Matters! Club

Paul Horn, Admin
Senior Vice Provost for Research

Tom Igoe, Faculty
Assistant Arts Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, TSOA

Christopher James, Admin
Public Affairs, University Relations and Public Affairs
Green Grantee

Dale Jamieson, Faculty
Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy, Steinhardt
Director, Environmental Studies Program

A.J. Jastrzembski, Admin
Media Production, University Relations and Public Affairs
Green Grantee

Sophia Kalantzakos, Faculty
Professor, Environmental Studies, Politics

David Kerschner, Student
School of Law '11
Env Law Society, Law Greening Cmtte

Mary Killilea, Faculty
Professor, Environmental Studies

Bob Kivetz, Admin
Vice President, Campus Services

Constantine Kontokosta, Faculty
Professor, Schack School of Real Estate, SCPS
Green Grantee

Zack Korenstein, Admin
Environmental Health and Safety

Micah Kotch, Admin
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
ACRE Center

Elizabeth Kuzina, Admin
Student Affairs

Alison Leary, Admin
Senior Vice President for Operations

Mary Leou, Faculty
Director, Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education

Scott Lewis, Admin
Client Relations Manager, Administrative Services
Green Grantee

Max Liboiron, Student
Media, Culture and Communication, Steinhardt
Green Grantee

Jules Martin, Admin
Vice President, Global Security and Crisis Management

Owen Moore, Admin
Assistant Vice President, Campus Services
Sustainability Advocate

Beth Morningstar, Admin
Assistant Vice President, Strategic Assessment & Communications, Operations

Bruce Niswander, Faculty
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Director, BEST Center

Casey Noel, Student
Schack School of Real Estate '11
Chair, SBE Student Advisory Committee

Jean Phifer, Faculty
Urban Design and Architecture Studies
Green Grantee

Sharr Prohaska, Faculty
Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management, SCPS

Melisa Puglisi, Admin
Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Anne Rademacher, Faculty
Professor, Environmental Studies
Social and Cultural Analysis

Steven Rasovsky, Student
Environmental Studies '12

Ingrid Redman, Admin
Polytechnic Institute of NYU

George Reis, Admin
Supervisor, Sustainable Landscaping

Eric Riley, Admin
University Development and Alumni Relations
Sustainability Advocate

Michael Sandmel, Student
Gallatin School of Individualized Study '12
Founder, Bicycling Club

Cecil Scheib, Admin
Director of Energy and Sustainability, Operations

Chris Schlottmann, Faculty
Environmental Studies and Bioethics

Anna Smukowski, Student
Stern School of Business '11
President, Net Impact

Ashwini Srinivasamohan, Student
College of Arts and Science '11
Environmental Studies Program

Zachary Sussman, Admin
School of Medicine

George Thurston, Faculty
Professor of Environmental Medicine, School of Medicine

Russell Unger, Alum
School of Law '01
Executive Director, Urban Green Council, USGBC-NY

Tyler Volk, Faculty
Professor, Environmental Studies

Marc Wais, Admin
Vice President, Student Affairs

Julianne Warren, Faculty
Professor, Liberal Studies Program

Rich Wener, Faculty
Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Director, Sustainable Urban Environments Program

Lillian Zalta, Admin
Assistant Dean, Operations & Administrative Services, School of Law

Rae Zimmerman, Faculty
Professor of Planning and Public Administration, Wagner
Director, Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems

2008-2009 roster
2007-2008 roster

Administrative Support

Regina Syquia
Manager of Special Projects
University Relations and Public Affairs