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Wagner now has compost everywhere!

We are excited to announce that Wagner now composts! After a year and a half of planning and test running compost bins – first at special events and then in select places around the building – we have overhauled Wagner's entire waste system, featuring compost as a central component.

We have also tried to make the rest of the waste system useful and intuitive for you: all four bin types have been placed together as often as possible; many of the small, extraneous landfill bins were removed; additional, larger compost bins have been placed in Rudin; and larger recycling bins have been put by copier stations. We didn’t try to make things too easy, though! An important aspect of living a sustainable lifestyle is being aware of how much trash you make and knowing where it goes. Wagner's compost, for example, will be collected by Action Carting and processed at McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, NY. 

This has been a joint effort by NYU’s Sustainability Office, Wagner Administration, Wagner Environmental Policy and Action, and individual students. A very big thank you to everyone who participated in making this happen!

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