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Make Way for Monarchs
This project's goal is to plant milkweed in NYU green spaces in order to support the migrating populations of Monarch Butterflies who pass through Manhattan on their fall and spring migrations.
Year: 2013
Type: Engagement, Academic
Leadership: Faculty
Topic: Biodiversity
Status: Incomplete

In honor of Earth Day 2014, we will break ground on the first Make Way for Monarchs habitat in April!

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We would like to create support of a charismatic flagship species and their habitat in NYU green spaces, thus addressing NYU’s role in two key issues of sustainability: biodiversity and species preservation. The goals of the project are:

1. To support the migrating populations of Monarch Butterflies by planting butterfly gardens that will provide shelter for the migrants, caterpillar food plants and butterfly nectaring plants. 

2. To determine, by monitoring the gardens, whether the butterflies are using them for shelter, food and/or reproduction.

3. To introduce the NYU community to the migrations that are happening on our door step, and to create engagements with the butterflies in various ways, including erecting signs marking the gardens as “Monarch Waystations;” offering tours and talks during Earth Week and on a relevant date in the fall; announcing the gardens and migrations on NYU websites (principally those providing information about NYU’s sustainability work and the gardens and landscapes); and offering instructions and seeds so that visitors to the gardens can plant their own milkweed gardens. 

Myisha Priest
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Gallatin School of Individualized Study