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HEVO Power
Developing a prototype wireless charging system for electric vehicles.
Year: 2013
Type: Entrepreneurship
Leadership: Student
Topic: Design, Transportation
Status: In progress

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A team of engineers from NYU Poly and HEVO Inc., a tenant of the NYC ACRE incubator, have developed a wireless charging solution  to  overcome  problems of electric vehicle ownership like driver  error in remembering to plug-in the vehicle, faulty connections between cords and vehicle charging terminals, cluttered sidewalks and tangled loading bays.

HEVO and the NYU Poly engineering students have developed proprietary technology that provides users with an embeddable wireless charging station and a vehicle receiver that is accompanied by a user-friendly mobile app or dashboard directional device that will allow drivers to simply park and power up. Three devices invented by the team - the HEVO Power Station, the HEVO Vehicle Receiver and the HEVO Dashboard Directional Device - will allow the electric vehicle to be wirelessly charged.
There are currently conversations going on to have the pilot project implemented at the NYU main campus.

Led by Kiran Kutty, Graduate Student at NYU Poly, Class of 2014.

To learn more about NYC ACRE, visit their website at
To learn more about HEVO Power, visit their website at