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Evidence Based Conservation
Funding course development and student projects for an Evidence Based Conservation course.
Year: 2013
Type: Academic
Leadership: Faculty
Topic: Conservation, Curriculum
Status: Complete

Our research assistant, Melissa Cronin (CAS ’13), attended the Society Conservation Biology conference for the newest global evidence based research.

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Professor Jennifer Jacquet developed a class called “Evidence Based Conservation” for the NYU Environmental Studies program to give students exposure to an emergent sub-field within Conservation Biology. The course is structured around the major drivers of environmental change, and looks at literature examining conservation projects designed to solve these problems.

The course’s main feature is a conservation action project, which requires students to develop solutions to environmental issues based on the teachings of the class. This grant will allow students to purchase materials through “mini-grants”, of up to $100 per student, as access to materials has made previous projects markedly better.

The remaining funds will be used to research evidence-based conservation studies to use as source material for Professor Jacquet’s course in order to further develop and improve the course for future students. 

Jennifer Jacquet 
Clinical Assistant Professor
Environmental Studies ProgramFaculty of Arts & Science