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How Possible is Net Zero for an NYU Building?
Researching the feasibility of constructing a building that uses no more energy than it creates.
Year: 2012
Type: Research
Leadership: Student
Topic: Green building
Status: Complete

A graduate and undergraduate team, led by a professional adviser, chose a hypothetical new building plan and suggested a host of technologies to try and answer this question.

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Read the How Possible Is Net Zero for NYU? Report

SCPS Graduate Student and RXR Realty developer Brett Leonhardt is leading research around optimizing the environmental sustainability of NYU’s future expansion plans.  Using the planned NYU 2031 “Zipper Building” as a case study, he and undergraduate students Stephanie Morales and Franco Forti are assembling a reusable design method for getting as close as possible to “net zero” energy consumption for future NYU construction projects. More specifically, their goals are:

1) Define what Net-Zero means for NYU and how it is necessary and beneficial

2) Evaluate the current Zipper building proposal and NYU’s program for the site to conduct an in-depth environmental impact and energy usage model

3) Propose design modifications and changes to maximize the sustainability of the design and, if possible, achieve Net-Zero

4)  Create a methodology NYU can use to evaluate and modify future construction with the purpose of achieving Net-Zero

These students regard the research as an opportunity to learn and gain experience from real world applications of sustainable building design while providing supplemental perspective for NYU's green building agenda.  Past Green Grantee Barry Hersh is also providing faculty guidance for this project.

Led by Brett Leonhardt, M.S. Candidate in SCPS