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OurGoods is a skills and objects bartering network designed to connect students and alumni across disciplines.
Year: 2012
Type: Engagement
Leadership: Student
Topic: Community building
Status: Complete

Join the OurGoods team at 8pm on Thursday, September 13th @ITP (721 Broadway, 4th Floor)

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Based on, ITP students are working with OurGoods staff to develop a bartering network customized for the needs of creative NYU students and alumni. Currently in a pilot phase, the group is holding workshops in various departments across NYU to inventory needs and prototype a private network for NYU's creative community.  Swapping skills, spaces, and objects across disciplines is intended to add depth to students' creative endeavors and stimulate cross-departmental networking.

Click here to read the Final Report.

Led by Ann Chen and Hanna Kang-Brown, Interactive Telecommunications Program students in Tisch School of the Arts