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Climate Change: It's What's for Dinner | Environmental Impacts of Meat
Campaigning to decrease meat consumption in light of its heavy environmental impact - through cooking demos, food events, pledges, online resources and participation in Meatless Mondays.
Year: 2012
Type: Engagement
Leadership: Student
Topic: Resource savings, Food
Status: Complete

NYU Dining reached out to us to collaborate around hosting Meatless Mondays in the Hayden dining hall.
Three current Green Grants collaborated today for a Meatless Mondays event led by our Climate Change: It's What's for Dinner campaign.  

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The environmental effects of livestock production play a significant role in emissions tied to climate change.  Livestock alone creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, and other fossil-fueled modes of transportation in the world according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in their widely cited report, Livestock's Long Shadow.  Our current food system contributes as much as one-third of total greenhouse gas emissions, and some reports tip the scale closer to half.  

Through deliberate partnership, the NYU community will confront this issue head on through hands-on workshops and a call to adopt action-oriented behavioral changes.  The project's goals and objectives are:

  • Change behavior through hands-on cooking demos, meatless themed food events, and pledges to go meat-free on Mondays in the spirit of the Meatless Mondays campaign
  • Invite speakers to campus to address the implications of meat production and consumption
  • Create a hub of online resources to build community within the NYU food movement and to sustain long-term behavior change (articles, recipes, measurement tools, forum to exchange ideas)
  • Track and quantify the environmental benefits of behavior change within NYU community
  • Engage at least 400 members of the NYU community

Led by Christina Bronsing Wagner Student and Wagner Food Policy Alliance Co-Chair