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Drama Green Initative
DGI eliminates resource waste and sets sustainability standards in Tisch's department of Drama.
Year: 2012
Type: Operations, Engagement
Leadership: Faculty
Topic: Resource savings
Status: Complete

DGI's new site advertises new paperless services available in Tisch's department of Drama

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The Drama Green Initiative strives to set the standard of sustainability within the confines of theatrical training by addressing resource depletion at the administrative and production levels while also providing best green practices to students moving into the professional industry. The core objectives are:

  • Continue efforts of moving to a completely paperless audition process that began in 2009. Current efforts have already eliminated over 25,000 sheets of paper per academic year.
  • Complete migration to a fully paperless student record system, advisor scheduling system & ticket reservation system & online evaluation system.
  • Decrease paper consumption for show programs by providing screens outside theaters' spaces to view program and cast related information.
  • Integrate sustainability initiative check-ins with advisement appointments.
  • Form a DGI Departmental Task Force with an online presence.
  • Engage students in over 150 different student productions to decrease paper consumption by decreasing show program page totals.
  • Implement a production archiving and preservation system that would allow students to view production photos, scripts and archival materials online and digitally in order to avoid the printing of materials for simple viewing purposes.
  • Explore and implement options for LED replacement bulbs for high wattage and high energy consumption theatrical lighting.
  • Purchase only 100% recycled paper for all departmental use.

Led by Andy Yanni, Web & Electronic Media Manager for the Department of Drama