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Two Birds, One Stone
A student run club dedicated to feeding the hungry and homeless population in New York City while reducing the amount of food wasted in NYU dining halls.
Year: 2009
Type: Operations
Leadership: Student
Topic: Food, Waste
Status: Institutionalized

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Five days a week, student volunteers pick up the food from various NYU dining halls that would otherwise be thrown out at the end of each day and deliver it to a local homeless shelter. With these goals in mind, we’re able to kill Two Birds with One Stone.

Project goals and objectives:

  • Reduce the amount of food that is wasted each night at NYU dining halls and redistribute this food so that the hungry and homeless populations may access healthy, nutritious meals.
  • Raise the awareness of NYU dining hall staff and management as to the amount of excess food that is prepared each night so that measures may be put in place to limit the amount of food that goes to waste
  • Facilitate community involvement and empower students to take action against food injustice, environmental degradation and poverty
  • Educate the NYU community on food, poverty and environmental issues
  • Foster the the sense that NYU is truly "in and of the city" by building partnership and ties to New York City community based organizations and populations

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Read the Final Report

Interested in joining or more information? Send e-mail to:

  • Food deliveries were expanded from 250lbs of food week to 500lbs weekly 
  • Brought 30 children to an upstate farm in conjunction with CHEFs for Schools
  • Two Birds, One Stone is now a NYU All-Square Club supported by CSALS

Read the Final Report